Provo Nightlife

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Spark logoKinda sounds like an oxymoron, right?

The only nightlife I ever knew in Provo was the awkward-date-at-the-creamery nightlife…or the cramming-for-finals-at-the-library nightlife. Now that was a rockin’ time.

But this weekend, Brady and I discovered a semi-swanky jewel in this sleepy little college town. It’s called Spark Restaurant Lounge.

Saturday night we went to a BYU Singers/Concert Choir Performance (which was fantastic…I highly recommend them.) The concert was sponsored in part by Spark, and we got a free $15 gift card at the event. When the performance was over, Brady and I decided to take advantage of that gift card and finish off our night with some drinks and dessert.

When we walked in the door, I immediately felt like this kind of place didn’t belong in historic, traditional downtown Provo. The design was sleek and modern, the lighting was low, and instead of being overcrowded with tables and chairs, there were couches and benches in most areas, and plenty of space to move around in. There was a small stage area where a local musician was setting up for a live performance. Off to the left was the bar. Of course, being in Provo, it was completely non-alcoholic (otherwise I doubt they’d get much business…from the locals, anyway.)

Brady at the tableThe menu was creative. There were a few appetizers, entrees, and desserts, but the main focus was on their beverages, which I have to say were a pleasant surprise. Unfortunately I failed to take a picture of our fabulous drinks…but they were very well-presented. Brady ordered a Double-berry Martini (blackberry and raspberry juice) that came served in a martini glass, complete with “salted” (actually it was sugared) edge and a toothpick with berries instead of an olive. Clever. And did I mention it was fantastic? I had a Mango Mojito (mango and lime juice with a hint of mint) served in a tall, thin glass with mint leaves and plenty of ice.

We also had a banana strudel, with mango ice cream. Delicious.

Afterward we lounged on an ottoman to listen to the live music. Also a great Olivia M. Leeperformance. Her name is Olivia Maude Lee, I think. Look her up if you can.

Overall, a very non-Provo experience. The menu is a bit pricey (Brady and I paid about $17 plus tip for two drinks and a dessert) but it’s worth it for a unique and classy experience. It reminded me of restaurants and bars I visited while I was in London…minus the alcohol and the creepy guys trying to buy you a vodka shot to go with your Sprite (and no, I never drank alcohol while I was there.) It’s definitely a place I’d take friends to from out of town, to show them a fun time that’s not too noisy or hyped.

Check it out on University Avenue.