The Human Race – Thanksgiving 5k

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The Human Race - Thanksgiving 5k

After the Human Race - Thanksgiving 5k

Most people wake up at 6:20 AM to go play football on Thanksgiving morning; however, we joined 3,600 others to run The Human Race 5k.

Our times according to the official race results:

  • Brady – 25:41.8 – 8:16 pace – 27th place in Males 20-24
  • Kellie – 29:55.3 – 9:37 pace – 13th place in Females 20-24
  • Greg – 19:49.9 – 6:23 pace – 4th place in Males 20-24

I am quite proud of myself for finally dressing well for the race  and finding my DC beanie that had been lost for 1.5 years.  I froze running the Frigid 5k in Feb of 2008.  An 8:16 pace is what I expected even though my shoe came untied with 150 meters to go.   Kellie beat her goal of running the 5k in under 30 minutes.

Before the race

Before the race

The race was well organized.  Other than the bathroom lights being off, I would recommend it to anyone in the Utah Valley / Draper area looking for a Thanksgiving morning run.  The entry fee was only $12 plus the cost of an optional shirt ($5 cotton, $13 technical).  The proceeds went to the Utah Food Bank which received over $52,000 from this race.  It always feels good running a race where your money is being donated.