The Melting Pot

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The Mojo broth we used to cook all our raw meat

The Mojo broth we used to cook all our raw meat

Fondue?  I’m not going to lie, whenever I hear the word Fondue I think of Chase Brammer and him introducing me to this delicacy.  On Friday night we were invited to go to The Melting Pot with Kellie’s parents for Matt’s (Kellie’s little brother) birthday.  It was, well, a 3.5 hour experience.

Our four course meal started off with two different cheeses, one being Spinach Artichoke.  We dipped breads, broccoli, and even apples into the cheese.

The second course was a delicious salad that didn’t include heating up a pot of liquid and dipping various foods into it.

As for the third course, I’ve never been served raw filet mignon, chicken, steak, shrimp, and sausage and been expected to cook it myself.  Until that night. It was delicious.  The waiter brought out all sorts of sauces to add to our cooked meats, my favorite being the sweet and sour sauce.  I would’ve liked to  taste the shrimp and the lobster tail, but knowing my throat, I decided not to.

Brady & Kellie at the Melting Pot

The fourth course was my favorite, chocolate.  The waiter lit the chocolate on fire with a bit of alcohol which is always entertaining. I don’t care who you are, when my dessert is in flames, I like it.  But the best part was dipping the fresh strawberries into the cookies and cream chocolate, so delicious.

We were there from 7:30 pm to 11:00 pm, but that is atypical.  One of our burners went out and we had to wait for it to be fixed for 20 minutes.

Kellie, Lauren, and I gave Matt a cooking apron with “Dude” written on it.  Matt is a crazy good chef and an apprentice of Martha Stewart, hence the reason why we also gave him unsalted butter and sea salt which are must-haves for his Martha Stewart recipes.

Overall The Melting Pot was an enjoyable experience and we hope to go back for more chocolate, cheese, and meats.