The Muffin Fight

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costco muffinsIt sounds epic, I know.

And it all happened in less than 90 seconds.

Brady and I like Costco muffins (but then, who doesn’t?). We also like to package them individually and freeze them so they’re easily accessible and stay fresh longer.

But packaging a dozen oversized Costco muffins in individual zip-loc bags can be tedious. Unless you get creative.

This weekend, Brady challenged me to a game of speed-bagging muffins. The person who could bag six muffins the fastest, wins. Not one to shy away from a good competition, I accepted, fully knowing that I had a better strategy.

We set out our zip-loc bags and prepared our muffins for packaging.

And then we started the timer.

I pulled out with an early lead, because I deliberately kept my fingers off the sticky muffin tops so as not to make my fingers slippery when I zipped the bags shut. As Brady complained about his fingers getting slimed with blueberries…I gained a one-muffin lead.

I stayed ahead for almost the whole time, until I grabbed my last muffin. Brady started shoving me and pushing the muffin away from my bag, as he worked to secure his final muffin. When I was finally able to break free of the harrassment, I tried desperately to zip my bag shut.

But alas, Brady claimed the victory. With only milliseconds to spare.

Next time we do this…there’s going to be a No-Interference rule.