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Go Jazz Go!

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Because Brady and Kyle won the audience choice award at the Crexendo competition…we got tickets to the Jazz’s first playoff game at home, against the Denver Nuggets. We weren’t clear up in the nosebleed section, either. How about the 13TH ROW? Kyle and Whitney were there too, of course…and yes, we all wore our NoteSync shirts. That’s the view from our seats, and I didn’t even have to use the zoom on my camera! I’ve been to a few Jazz games before, but never a playoff game, and NEVER closer…read more



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Brady and his friend Kyle won the Crexendo Online Marketing competition a couple weeks ago. (I know, I’ve killed all the suspense. But since it happened a couple weeks ago…most of you who care to read this probably already know. Continue reading if you wish.) It all started over Christmas break, when Brady got an idea: “Taking notes should be simpler.” (insert Windows 7 commercial here.) He found a little desktop app called Notational Velocity and loved it, but it was only available for Mac users. And since Brady is…read more