Go Jazz Go!

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Because Brady and Kyle won the audience choice award at the Crexendo competition…we got tickets to the Jazz’s first playoff game at home, against the Denver Nuggets. We weren’t clear up in the nosebleed section, either.

How about the 13TH ROW?

Kyle and Whitney were there too, of course…and yes, we all wore our NoteSync shirts.

That’s the view from our seats, and I didn’t even have to use the zoom on my camera!

I’ve been to a few Jazz games before, but never a playoff game, and NEVER closer than the 7th row on the balcony. It was quite the experience.

Before the game started, we ate dinner at the Jazz Sports Club on the top floor.

Didn’t think I’d be eating Prime Rib with roasted red potatoes and phyllo-wrapped asparagus before a sporting event, but that’s what was on the menu. Wow, season ticket holders certainly get some sweet perks. It was fantastic! And even better, it was a buffet…so I could eat as much food as my heart desired (and it was a lot.)

Tipoff time: We barely scarfed down our dessert in time to get to our seats for tipoff. But I’m glad we made it. Watching the starting lineup run out as the lights go out and fireworks light up overhead…it’s really something.

The game itself was awesome. The first half was close–Jazz were trailing till probably the second quarter. By half time, Jazz lead the Nuggets, but just barely.

At half time we got more food, again compliments of our awesome tickets. And we got to rub shoulders with famous people (well, famous Utahns, anyway.)

This is my paparazzi shot…that’s Senator Orrin Hatch in the lower left. The picture is blurry, because I didn’t want to draw attention to myself by using the flash. And he was busy shaking hands and taking pictures with everyone else in the room, so I didn’t want to disturb him.

Oh, and we ran into Jeff Hornacek coming out of the elevator…literally, ALMOST collided. I didn’t get a picture of him, because by the time it hit me, he was already halfway down the hall.

Second half, the Jazz took off. It wasn’t even a close game at that point…but it was still fun to cheer. We stayed till the bitter end (11:30 p.m…WAY past my bedtime) but it was totally worth it.

Jazz lead the series 2-1. Go Jazz!