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Bracketology – “the process of predicting the field of the NCAA Basketball Tournament, named as such because it is commonly used to fill in tournament brackets for the postseason…

“A bracketologist’s credibility is judged on how many teams he predicts correctly being in the tournament and the average difference between the bracketologist’s projected seed and the actual seed assigned by the NCAA Selection Committee.”

And according to the great Wikipedia…apparently I’m good at it so far.

I’ve never been a huge college basketball fan, and I’ve never followed the NCAA tournament very closely. Hence, I’ve never filled out a bracket.

That being said, I married into a family of sports nuts, where every adult fills out an NCAA bracket every year to compete against each other. I figured I could never be truly accepted as a White until I gave in to March Madness.

So here it is…my first bracket.

Before you criticize any of my picks…let me just say that, two days in, I am currently in first place in the White Family bracket challenge…and I have proof.

I can’t say I had much of a rhyme or reason to my picks though…and that will probably burn me in the next few days. Actually, I’m fully expecting to be knocked down once we reach the sweet 16. I chose many of my picks based on which name looked better…and which state they came from. If I like the state, they advance. We’ll see how my strategy holds up to my much more sport-savvy husband and brothers-in-law…

At least for now, while I’m on top…this bracketology stuff is pretty fun!