Product of the Week

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I work in the news…and I see some funny things. Dogs on snowboards, ducks living in a penthouse suite on top of a luxury hotel, the world’s largest whoopie pie…

(You may not know this…but there are actually several states in the U.S. that lay claim to the world’s largest whoopie pie. This one was made earlier this year in Maine.)

So this week, I hopped on one of the newsroom computers to work on a story and found these.

They’re called “Anti-theft lunch bags,” and they can instantly turn your freshly-made sandwich into a moldy, undesireable mess. At least on the outside. The baggies have green “mold” splotches printed on both sides. I can see these coming in really handy if you have trouble protecting your food from your roommates or coworkers. Just stick your lunch in one of these little beauties, throw it in the break room fridge, and it’s instantly “theft proof.” Of course, your coworkers (or roommates) might get suspicious when they see the same mold pattern on every lunch you pack.

Of course, the manufacturers didn’t forget about the outer packaging. The moldy lunch bags come in an equally moldy box…

The lunch-packing world is certainly much more sophisticated than when I was a kid. Plain old brown bags and Ziploc baggies ain’t good enough no mo’.

Personally, I’m not sure I’d want to gag everytime I pulled out my sandwich.

But I must say…props to the inventors.