Love Means Nothing

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At least in tennis.

Brady and I celebrated Valentine’s day this year by going to the SAP Open in San Jose. We got super-awesome seats to watch Andy Roddick.

That’s us before the first match started.

Yes, that’s Andy Roddick. I was like less than 100 feet away from him.

But this was actually the day after Valentine’s day, so before I get to that, let’s talk about our super-romantic “love day.”

Don’t worry, it’s actually pretty funny.

Brady and I exchanged Valentines in the morning, when I got home from work (yeah, still working nights…) He gave me a pastry blender, and I gave him a new frying pan. And we were both thrilled. I guess sometimes practicality can be just as exciting as romance.

That night I made a nice home-cooked meal of barbecue beef sandwiches and salad…and lit some candles for ambience.

And, my pride and joy of the evening…hand-dipped chocolate-covered strawberries (one of Brady’s favorites.)


Pretty impressive, right?

Well after dinner I got all dressed up…and rushed out the door to a Relief Society activity. So romantic. Now before you scold me for ditching my husband on Valentine’s day, let me explain. I’m the first counselor in the Relief Society presidency. No, I did not pick the date for the activity nor did I push to have one for the month, but I felt obligated to be there so as to magnify my calling. Plus, the activity was about healthy eating, which I’m a big fan of (ignore the giant photo of chocolate covered strawberries above). And, Brady and I decided to postpone our Valentine’s date to the next night, which was when we had tickets to the tennis match. So it works out. Our relationship remains stable.

So, back to tennis.

Brady’s friend Nik came with us. He’s a big tennis fan. He’s cool.

We watched Andy Roddick play Denis Kudla. Roddick lost the first set, but came back to win the last two, despite spraining his ankle at the end of the second set. Crazy. When I sprained my ankle playing tennis, I was out for a week. Props to Andy for finishing the match…and winning. The whole match lasted about three hours.

Then there was the second match.

Milos Raonic (front) vs. Tobias Kamke (back). Also a really good match. We switched seats to get right behind the baseline. If you ever go to a pro tennis match, I would highly recommend seats behind the baseline. Otherwise you get dizzy from watching the ball go side-to-side.

Anyway, Raonic won. By the time he was finished, it was almost midnight. We were watching tennis for five hours, and I loved it! Brady and I both played tennis in high school, and we love watching the pros play. This was our first time actually watching it live.

Fast-forward to the weekend…we’re back for more tennis!

Not as good of seats this time, but hey, it’s the semifinals! Some of our friends had some tickets they couldn’t use, and we were more than happy to take them off their hands.

We watched Raonic again. This time he was playing Ryan Harrison, an American. Raonic won that match (he went on to win the tournament).

This match was in the afternoon, so by the time it was over, we were getting hungry for dinner. Pizza, anyone?

We decided to check out this little place called Pizz’a Chicago in downtown San Jose (our tickets to the tennis match also got us ten dollars off our meal, so that made the decision easier).

Wow, A-mazing pizza! I’ve never had such a fantastic deep-dish. Ours had teriyaki chicken, feta, sun-dried tomatoes and pesto. Seriously. Best Chicago-style pizza EVER.

Funny story: Brady called ahead to place our order so that our pizza would be ready by the time we got there. After we were seated, we told our waiter that we had already ordered, and the name was Brady White. He said there was no order listed for a Brady. So we tried a different approach. See, people seem to have a hard time understanding the name “Brady” when it’s spoken over the telephone. We’ve gotten everything from “Brad” to “Brittany”…but this is one I had never seen before:

BERNADINE?! Seriously? Who even HAS that name anymore? Anyway, once we got that confusion cleared up, we were able to get our pizza.

After dinner we took a little stroll through downtown, and came across this dessert shop called Bijan. It was one of those places where the pastries and cakes are so immaculately decorated, you feel bad eating it.

This was our decadent dessert. Chocolate-raspberry marquis. I guess I got over my fear of eating the creation, because it was gone pretty quick! But every bite was amazing.

All told, Valentine’s week was an eventful one. It was fun to stretch our V-day festivities over several days, and to get out of our “dinner and a movie” routine to see what this city has to offer. I’m pretty lucky that I get to do so many cool things with my best friend.

So yes, in tennis, love means nothing. But in life, love means everything.