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How Are You “Peeling”?

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When I was growing up, my family had a book called “How are you Peeling?” It was full of pictures like the one above (which I love). I can’t look at them without smiling. The other day I found this squash at the store. It fits my mood today. Smile.

Travel Log

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Brady and I have had a busy summer. Here are some of the highlights. A few weeks ago we took a much-needed vacation to Maui, along with my family. I had never been to Maui, and Brady had never been anywhere in Hawaii, so it was a good adventure for us.   Scenic walk along a lava beach Iao Valley: This is considered a sacred burial ground by native Hawaiians. When King Kamehameha united the Hawaiian islands in the early 1800’s, his forces defeated the Maui warriors in this valley….read more