Travel Log

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Brady and I have had a busy summer. Here are some of the highlights.

A few weeks ago we took a much-needed vacation to Maui, along with my family. I had never been to Maui, and Brady had never been anywhere in Hawaii, so it was a good adventure for us.


Scenic walk along a lava beach

Iao Valley: This is considered a sacred burial ground by native Hawaiians. When King Kamehameha united the Hawaiian islands in the early 1800’s, his forces defeated the Maui warriors in this valley.

Brady and Matt enjoying some Hawaiian shaved ice

Boogie boarding on Big Beach with the fam…we all got some serious sand wedgies

Our contribution to the Maui landscape (Designed by Apple in California)

Biking down Haleakala volcano…

…in our stylish wind suits. This is Kendra and me at 10,000 feet above sea level–the summit of the volcano. From the beach to the top of the mountain, you drop about 32 degrees in temperature. And the wind is enough to nearly blow you over. The nice part is that the bike ride was all downhill. All we needed was a GOOD set of brakes.

From the freezing, arid volcano crater…to the tropical rainforest. This is along the Road to Hana. They’re not kidding when they call it the RAINforest. It was literally pouring in this picture. Brady, Dad, and I were the only ones brave enough to even venture out of the car for this little hike.

The rain got us wet… but it did make for some breathtaking views of the waterfalls.

And a family photo…because we can’t take ourselves too seriously (we missed you, Lauren!)

Okay, fast forward a few weeks, and it’s time for the Goff Family Reunion (my grandparents, my dad’s siblings and all my crazy cousins). It’s an annual family tradition…everyone gathers at my parents’ house, we have dinner, swim, play games, tie a quilt, tell stories, sleep in tents in the backyard… Then the next morning we wake up early and do a service project. My family is awesome… and these pictures hardly do them justice

Slacklining in the backyard

Wordsearch cake with everyone’s name on it (we crossed them out using Red Vines)

Grandma Goff with Aunt Lisa and Baby Xochitl (and yes, we all wear matching shirts.)

My mom and me in our extra matching outfits (I wasn’t expecting to be wearing a red shirt when I chose to wear red pants to the reunion.)

Service project: Aunt Lisa’s backyard and rock wall. This is before…

…and this is after 4.5 hours of hard work (hey, I can see the rocks now!)

Kendra and me, ready for a nap but still smiling when it was all over.