Party Time

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Every year when December rolls around I fall into the same trap: I always forget to do my Christmas shopping until December 1st, schedule way too many parties and events on the weekends, scramble to make Christmas treats and get the decorations up…and before I know it, it’s Christmas.

This is not to say I don’t enjoy the parties and the shopping and all that. Quite the contrary. Last weekend we went to an Ugly Sweater/White Elephant party…


(Sweaters courtesy of the thrift shop…though I was disappointed I could not find any Christmas-themed ugly sweaters.) We had to get a family portrait to commemorate the ugliness of the sweaters, because they will not remain in our wardrobes for much longer. Too bad they don’t make ugly sweaters for babies.

The next afternoon our friends threw a combined birthday party for their kids who are both turning two. Taylor slept through the whole thing…probably because he was up so late at the ugly sweater party the night before. But Brady and I had a good time.

A couple hours after that was our ward Christmas party, complete with turkey dinner, awesome decorations and a live nativity. And guess who was cast as the Holy Family….


Yep, Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus. Taylor was less than enthusiastic about his role. About five minutes before he made his debut on stage he started crying. And he didn’t stop until the program was over and I rushed him to the mothers’ room to feed him. So much for “sleep in heavenly peace.” I’m sure baby Jesus cried when he was hungry, too. You just don’t see that part in the movies.

Capping off our busy weekend was the Christmas choir program in sacrament meeting on Sunday. Brady sang in the choir, which performed some really neat pieces. I love musical programs in sacrament meetings. They invite such a special spirit.

On this particular Sunday the music gave me a chance to slow down and change my focus. It’s so easy to get caught up in the Christmas rush with all the parties and the shopping, but the most important thing about Christmas is Christ.