The Whites

Abercrombie and Fitch Models After a year of pitching woo, Kellie said ‘Yes’ when Brady got down on one knee in front of the Salt Lake Temple. We had just watched a Rachmoninov Concerto with the Utah Symphony. We were married in 2009 in the Salt Lake Temple.

Kellie received her degree in Broadcast Journalism from BYU, which paved the way for her job as a TV News Producer at NBC Bay Area News.

Brady recently graduated with his Master of Information Systems Management  degree from BYU.

In our free time, we enjoy playing tennis and exercising at the gym. Kellie enjoys a good hike or bicycle ride, and Brady’s always ready for a run. We never shy away from a good intellectual conversation, and enjoy discussing such puzzling questions as how the Fed’s interest rates directly correlate to the interest rate on our savings account.

We work hard, we play hard, we love every minute of it.