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Party Time

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Every year when December rolls around I fall into the same trap: I always forget to do my Christmas shopping until December 1st, schedule way too many parties and events on the weekends, scramble to make Christmas treats and get the decorations up…and before I know it, it’s Christmas. This is not to say I don’t enjoy the parties and the shopping and all that. Quite the contrary. Last weekend we went to an Ugly Sweater/White Elephant party… (Sweaters courtesy of the thrift shop…though I was disappointed I could not…read more


Our [Hanukkah] Christmas Tree

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This is our Christmas tree. Brady and I spent the Saturday after Thanksgiving shopping for decorations and making some of our own. I was the designated “creative director”, and was convinced this was going to be the most amazing tree-on-a-budget ever. I decided to break with the red-and-green tradition and went with blue and gold instead (contrary to what you may think…the color scheme had little or nothing to do with Brady’s and my BYU student/graduate status). When it was finished, we both sat back and admired it for a…read more