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Travel Log

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Brady and I have had a busy summer. Here are some of the highlights. A few weeks ago we took a much-needed vacation to Maui, along with my family. I had never been to Maui, and Brady had never been anywhere in Hawaii, so it was a good adventure for us.   Scenic walk along a lava beach Iao Valley: This is considered a sacred burial ground by native Hawaiians. When King Kamehameha united the Hawaiian islands in the early 1800’s, his forces defeated the Maui warriors in this valley….read more

Checking in…

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Since it’s been a few months since we checked in here, I’ll give you a quick photo rundown of what we’ve been up to. September: Brady’s parents came to visit. We took them to see the highlights of San Francisco, then up to the North Bay to check out Muir Woods (Redwood Forest.) This is them next to a 1,000-year-old tree. We also took Brady’s parents down to 17-Mile Drive on the Monterey Peninsula. It covers a lot of beautiful coastline scenery…and it’s where all the ritzy golf courses are….read more



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One thing we love about the Bay Area is that there’s so much stuff to do! (It’s also one of the reasons I haven’t updated this in a while…*cough*) A few weeks ago, Brady and I drove out to the Central Valley to visit one of his college buddies and go to Yosemite national park. His friend lives about halfway between our house and the park, so we drove to his house, spent the night, then drove into the park the next day. It was great, because we had our…read more