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Just keep running…

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Brady and I have a thing for running. I’m not good at it. I’m not even fast…and it’s hard to say that I enjoy the act itself. But I’m addicted to the after-effect, the adrenaline rush from crossing the finish line, the endorphins, the way my legs feel at the end of 5, 10, or 26.2 miles under the beating sun. I guess you could say it’s my drug of choice. That being said, we decided to tackle the 2010 St. George Marathon…and the months of training that necessarily precede…read more


The Human Race – Thanksgiving 5k

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Most people wake up at 6:20 AM to go play football on Thanksgiving morning; however, we joined 3,600 others to run The Human Race 5k. Our times according to the official race results: Brady – 25:41.8 – 8:16 pace – 27th place in Males 20-24 Kellie – 29:55.3 – 9:37 pace – 13th place in Females 20-24 Greg – 19:49.9 – 6:23 pace – 4th place in Males 20-24 I am quite proud of myself for finally dressing well for the race  and finding my DC beanie that had been…read more