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“…And That’s What’s Happening Today in the Bay.”

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Taylor and I went for a visit in the newsroom this morning. I introduced him to my morning show coworkers and gave him a tour of the set. He met Laura, one of the anchors, and was quite smitten… We also practiced his on-camera skills. He checked out the anchor desk and even took a shot at the weather forecast, showing some heavy snow in Tahoe this week. Now all that’s left is to teach him to write scripts and edit video, and he’ll be the next great producer. We’ll…read more

The Great Escape

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This week we launched a series on our morning show called “The Great Escape.” Every Friday for the next three weeks, KSL 5 Today goes on the road to a different quadrant of the state, to spotlight the lesser known activities that area has to offer. This week: Northeastern Utah. I was the field producer for this adventure. I traveled out with anchor Scott Haws and crew man/camera operator Jeff Smith. We met up with the rest of our production team at Flaming Gorge, in a place called Red Canyon….read more



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Brady and his friend Kyle won the Crexendo Online Marketing competition a couple weeks ago. (I know, I’ve killed all the suspense. But since it happened a couple weeks ago…most of you who care to read this probably already know. Continue reading if you wish.) It all started over Christmas break, when Brady got an idea: “Taking notes should be simpler.” (insert Windows 7 commercial here.) He found a little desktop app called Notational Velocity and loved it, but it was only available for Mac users. And since Brady is…read more



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Remember when you were young and you thought it was cool to stay up all night at slumber parties? Well, I get to do that EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. (minus the slumber parties.) Now that I’ve got you fuming with jealousy…let me explain a little bit about my job. I work as a producer on KSL’s morning news (watch it). The show starts at 5 a.m. and ends at 7. Which means my shift starts at 11pm the night before. Awesome, right? Actually, I must say it’s been better than I…read more